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Our History

Piggly Wiggly®, America's first true self-service grocery store, was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1916 by Clarence Saunders. In grocery stores of that time, shoppers presented their orders to clerks who then gathered the goods from the store shelves. Saunders, a dynamic and innovative man, noticed that this method resulted in wasted time and expense, so he came up with an unheard-of solution that would revolutionize the entire grocery industry: he developed a way for shoppers to serve themselves.

Despite predictions that his novel idea would fail, Saunders’ first store opened on September 6, 1916 at 79 Jefferson Street in Memphis. Operating under the unusual name ‘Piggly Wiggly®’, it was unlike any other contemporary grocery store. There were shopping baskets, open shelves, and no clerks to shop for the customer – all of which were previously unheard of!

Piggly Wiggly "Firsts"

Piggly Wiggly's introduction of self-service grocery shopping truly revolutionized the grocery industry. In fact, many of the conveniences and services that American shoppers now enjoy were introduced first by Piggly Wiggly®. Piggly Wiggly® was the FIRST to…

  • Provide checkout stands.
  • Price mark every item in the store.
  • Give shoppers more for their food dollar through high volume/low profit margin retailing.
  • Feature a full line of nationally advertised brands.
  • Use refrigerated cases to keep produce fresher longer.
  • Put employees in uniforms for cleaner, more sanitary food handling.

Fasullo's Family Tradition

Philip A. Fasullo, Sr., who opened the first Fasullo grocery store with his wife, Josephine, in the Irish Channel in 1944. A year later, when their lease ran out, they moved their store to downtown New Orleans where it remained for 22 years. Eventually, the city of New Orleans purchased the land where their store stood for what is now Armstrong Park. At that point, Fasullo followed his brother Joe to the West Bank, where he already had a drug store business. The Fasullo’s purchased property in Bridge City in 1964, and their first West Bank grocery store opened in 1965.

Eventually, the family expanded to three supermarkets opening stores in Westwego (1970) and Gretna (1990). Today, Phil Fasullo, Jr., his son, Philip, and nephew, A.J. are concentrating on one store, the Fasullo's Piggly Wiggly in Westwego.Fasullo said his family's association with the Piggly Wiggly corporation has been a beneficial move, which has allowed them "to grow our business successfully". He also wants to take this opportunity to thank his loyal customers who've supported the store throughout the years. Fasullo said his store offers fair pricing to its customers, good quality meats, a clean well-stocked store and perishables departments (produce, bakery, meats) that are going to be cheaper than the competition. "We have a good relationship with all the people we do business with," he added. "There's only one way (to do business), and it has to be the right way."

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